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best virtual office in bangkok thailand.

Virtual address in Bangkok & Hua Hin

Together with, we can offer our clients a virtual office address in Bangkok or in Hua Hin with mail scanning. Enjoy never again have to worry about your mail when you are on the move or outside of Thailand for long periods of time. This virtual address for business or personal, is a great step to not have to worry about your mail or packages.

Your mail in one place

Our main clientele is expats who are living in Thailand full time or part time. We offer one fixed address where you can have all of your mail received, scanned and then e-mailed to you. Our clients also include foreign companies who are looking to establish a presence in Thailand without having to take on huge costs.

We keep it simple is not a fancy co-working space, which is showed in our yearly cost. We get your mail and forward it to you, wherever you are in the world.

Mail forwarding service

Should you instead want your mail to be forward to you in its psychical form, that is no problem at all and we are happy to help you!

You can read more about this service at - You can also contact us here with any questions.

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