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Living in Thailand

There are many reasons why someone would want to live in Thailand, either full time or part time. Everyone's lifestyle and situation is different. We adapt our process depending on what you want out of your life in Thailand. Any questions? Contact us below!

Access to the rest of Asia

Thailand has a very strategic location if you want or need to fly from Bangkok to the rest of Asia. It is easy access by air to major cities in Asia such as Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo and many, many more.

Culture & food

Needlessly to say, thai food and thai culture is what many people appreciate when making Thailand your home base. Bangkok has such a variety of food that you can spend 60 baht or 6000 baht and get a great meal. It is all up to you!


Many foreigners who decide to settle down or making Thailand your home base, want or already have a Thai girlfriend or a friend that they know fairly well. Having a support pillar here before you move is a great way to get started. will help you!

Domestic tourism

When living in Thailand, you get a truly beautiful backyard! Thailand is very lucky with easy access to islands, beaches and much more. You have gotten all of that just before your feet. This is a privilige to have!

Who do you want to be

Are you a big city person or do you enjoy the quiet life? Thailand's got a wide variety of different locations where a foreigner can live and be comfortable. Remember, nothing is carved in stone, you can always change the city and house you are living in.

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