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Make Thailand your home base assist clients who wants to live in Thailand, a chance to enjoy all the benefits by planning. Being a territorial tax country, living in Thailand as an investor or business owner can have a huge impact on your life, both financially and for your lifestyle. For clients who wants to run a business and work in Thailand, we also assist with investing in Thailand, company formation in Thailand and finding the best visa for you and your lifestyle situation.

Our Services

A selection of our services

Our goal at is to showcase all the great advantages by making Thailand your home base. This means you can live in Thailand whilst working and investing outside of Thailand. Or you can set up your company in Thailand and work inside the Kingdom. There are many different ideas and everyone's situation is different. We are here to help!

Living in Thailand

When you decide to live in Thailand, there are numerous thoughts and ideas to consider before making the final move.


To stay in Thailand over an extensive amount of time, you need some sort of visa. Find a visa that suits your needs.

Company Formation

If you want to own, run and operate a 
business in Thailand, you need a company and a work permit to do so.

Buying a Business

Find a turn-key business to invest in and start today. Find a business that suits you, your skills and your lifestyle.

Investing in Thailand

What do you need to invest in Thailand?
As anywhere, do your homework before any investments are done.

Tax residency in Thailand

Find out more about Thailand's tax system, company tax, VAT and much more before you get started.

Thailand Elite Visa

Invest in yourself and your lifestyle, get the Thailand Elite with many amazing benefits and privileges

Permanent residency

Do you qualify to get permanent residency (PR) in Thailand? Find out the basics and start planning for your future.

Invest in real estate

Find out how to invest in property in Thailand and get the Thailand Elite Flexible One visa for five years.

Ready to find out more?

You can send us more information about who you are and what you want out of your lifestyle in Thailand. We are happy connect you with companies and agencies that you might be looking for. We hope to hear from you!

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